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Annual Meeting 2024

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SECVBD 2024 Annual Meeting

Below you can find presentations from the meeting from our PIs, trainees, collaborators, and others within the public health entomology network.

Session II: Ticks

Coordinating CDC’s vector-borne diseases intramural and extramural programs in alignment with the Vector-Borne Diseases National Strategy

Dr. Ben Beard

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

SECVBD Tick project overview and South Carolina ticks and pathogens

Dr. Melissa Nolan

University of South Carolina

Ticks and tick-borne diseases in Virginia

Dr. Holly Gaff 

Old Dominion University 

Enhanced surveillance for Spotted Fever Rickettsiosis and Ehrlichiosis in central North Carolina

Dr. Ross Boyce

University of North Carolina

Alpha-gal syndrome update: What we’ve learned and what’s on the horizon

Dr. Eleanor Saunders

University of North Carolina

Talking Ticks: Socio-behavioral aspects of tick-borne disease communication, messaging, and human decision making

Dr. Lauri Baker

University of Florida

Session III: Training

Recapping Tick University 2023

Dr. Abelardo Moncayo

Tennessee Department of Health

La Crosse virus in Western North Carolina

Madeline Craig

Western Carolina University

Prevalence of arboviruses in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes and community members from Ponce

Dr. Robert Rodriguez-Gonzalez

Ponce Health Sciences University

Recapping Congresso De Salud e Investigacíon

Dr. Lídia Gual Gonzalez

University of South Carolina

Recapping SECVBD DODD Fellowship

Kassidy Caride, MPH

University of Florida

Session IV: Expanded Activities

Tropical bont tick surveillance and eradication in St. Croix, USVI

Dr. Alice Porco

USDA Vet Services

Chagas disease in the Southern USA

Dr. Melissa Nolan

University of South Carolina

Tick-Virus-Host Interactions: Laboratory Modeling of a Dynamic Trio

Dr. Megan Hermance

University of Southern Alabama

Update on Emerging Arboviruses (and Malaria) in Arkansas

Dr. Laura Rothfeldt

Arkansas Department of Health

Prevalence of Spotted Fever Rickettsiosis antibodies and associations with adverse outcomes among a cohort of pregnant women in North Carolina

Dr. Ross Boyce

University of North Carolina